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What is CEAAC?


Citizens for the Educational Advancement of Alaska’s Children is the only non-profit organization in Alaska focused on at-risk students and struggling schools. Founded in the late 1990s, CEAAC worked for a decade to address school inadequacies in rural Alaska schools through the courts. Today, CEAAC uses research, policy development and public advocacy to solve school performance issues in rural and urban areas. CEAAC also provides scholarships to students of member districts from a $100,000 fund, and holds $750,000 in reserves, providing stable, long-term project support.

Who is CEAAC?

CEAAC’s core support comes from about two dozen school districts as members, including the Anchorage School District, as well as several non-district educational and tribal organizations. The personnel who advance our work include some of Alaska’s most experienced education and policy professionals, including Executive Director Charles Wohlforth, Government Relations Director Tom Begich, Ed Connector Director Lora Jorgensen, and project leaders Jerry Covey and Dr. Barbara Adams.

Major Projects

What's Next?




Updated 08/20/2015