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Legislative Report to Board (March 17, 2016)

The Session has been difficult and a bit grim for education, but there remain some glimmers of hope. Unwillingness of the Majorities in the Senate and House to consider meaningful revenue options argues for an outcome that is likely to depend for the most part on a continued drawdown of savings and additional cuts to the budget that may fall most heavily on our rural members. (more...)

Ed Connector (March 17, 2016)

Four hundred users representing 51 of Alaska’s school districts are accessing hundreds of tools from a myriad of sources, at their fingertips; all organized into topic areas searchable by any key phrase. School administrators are getting answers to their questions from peers across the state while building collaborative strategies. (more...)

Spring 2016 Board Meeting - 3/17/16

Please make sure your calendars are marked. Coalition for Education Equity/CEAAC will hold its spring board meeting in Anchorage on Thursday, March 17, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. at the Hotel Captain Cook in conjunction with the Alaska Teacher Placement job fair. A call-in option will be provided.

Legislative report (February 28, 2016)

Last week was a rough week in Juneau for education, made no easier by the loss of strong education advocate Representative Max Gruenberg (D- Anchorage) who passed away February 14. We did manage to work with other advocates and get the Governor to reinstate $2 million for PreK and nearly $1 million for Early Childhood Education in his proposed FY17 budget. (more...)

Pre-Kindergarten/Early Childhood Funding (February 12, 2016)

As we reported in December, when the Governor presented his proposed budget, funding for Pre-K had been zeroed out. At that time, (more...)

Kasayulie and Kivalina (February 12, 2016)

The Senate Finance Committee is resisting our and the administration's interpretation of the final funding due Kivalina under the Kasayulie consent decree. We will continue to remind the Senate of their obligation to fund Kivalina and honor all elements of the consent decree.

New Commissioner of DEED (February 12, 2016)

We had a good conversation with Mike Hanley and remain grateful for the positive working relationship we've developed with DEED over his tenure. He introduced me to the Interim Commissioner, Dr. Susan McCauley and (more...)

Next Visit to Juneau (February 12, 2016)

I enjoyed meeting with some of our members in Juneau - it is helpful for us to learn about your individual legislative priorities so that we can identify areas where we can assist you. (more...)

End of January Legislative Update (January 27, 2016)

Our Government Relations Director, Tom Begich, has made his first visit to Juneau. Here are his thoughts on the landscape and our priorities for this session:
January is nearing its end and the Legislature is just getting started, but already we have some movement on significant issues. (more...)

Legislative Session Begins (January 19, 2016)

Coalition for Education Equity Government Relations Director, Tom Begich, heads down to Juneau this week to fight for our legislative priorities (more...)

NEW Coalition for Education Equity Logo (January 19, 2016)

At our November 2015 meeting, the Coalition for Education Equity/CEAAC board approved its new logo, with a few minor changes requested, which have been completed. (more...)

Ed Connector continues to grow (January 19, 2016)

With over 320 users, representing 48 of the state’s school districts, Ed Connector is focused on providing customized systems for users with diverse administrative roles. In late December, Ed Connector launched its new Private Group function: A dedicated space for peer groups of school administrators to dialogue and problem-solve critical issues. (more...)

Alaska Supreme Court ruling in the Ketchikan Borough school funding case

You've likely seen the news that the Alaska Supreme Court ruled January 8 in the Ketchikan Borough school funding case. As you know, CEAAC filed an amicus brief in opposition to the Ketchikan Borough's suit, which would have removed more than $220 million from Alaska school funding - much of that loss coming from rural school budgets. (more)

Governor's proposed FY17 Budget has some good wins for Coalition for Education Equity/CEAAC

Governor Walker released his fiscal plan and proposed FY17 budgets on
December 9. There is some good news for our membership. (more)

Farewell CEAAC, from your outgoing executive director

From Charles Wohlforth: I was very grateful for the board's recognition at our fall meeting on November 4. It has been a great five years as your executive director. Working together, we settled the Moore and Kasayulie suits, bringing more than $200 million to school construction and $18 million to programs for schools; we passed the Residential Learning Center legislation and got it funded by the legislature; we created and funded the Ed Connector; we started the Educator Quality and Quantity Project, winning agreement for a plan for improved educator recruitment and training from all stakeholders; we created the Spike Jorgensen Scholarship and supported many students; and we won a series of legislative victories, publicly and privately, to help rural schools and struggling students everywhere. (more)

CEAAC Challenges Constitutionality of Small School Closure

ANCHORAGE—A proposal to close small schools by raising the minimum size for full state funding is unconstitutional, according to a legal opinion obtained by a coalition of education supporters with a track record of winning constitutional education cases in Alaska courts. (more)

Fall meeting details

CEAAC will hold its fall board meeting on Nov. 4 at the Hilton Anchorage, in the Dillingham Room. (more)

Executive director hiring

The Nov. 4 meeting will be an important one for CEAAC, when you select a new Executive Director.

CEAAC searches for new executive director

Teacher shortage efforts

The need to increase the number and quality of Alaska’s teacher supply has become even more evident in the second year of our Educator Quality and Quantity project, as UA Vice President Steve Atwater noted in a recent opinion column in the Alaska Dispatch News, which specifically called out CEAAC’s work as a solution to this problem facing many school districts. (more)

Ed Connector growth, focus

Ed Connector Lora Jorgensen provided the following update:

Ed Connector now has 220 users (representing 47 of the state’s school districts) of which 170 are school business and finance personnel. (more)

Ketchikan case goes to Supremes

The Alaska Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the Ketchikan Gateway Borough’s challenge to the State of Alaska’s school funding formula on Wednesday, September 16. (more)

Bylaw and other changes

At our spring meeting, the CEAAC board approved a name change, to Coalition for Education Equity, but deferred adoption of a new logo and corporate identity until more work is completed. (more)

House minority credits CEAAC in BSA, pre-K victories

Alaska House Minority Leader Chris Tuck recently cited the work of CEAAC as crucial in preventing a reduction in the BSA in this year's marathon legislative session, and for saving pre-K funding and getting most of the needed funding for the Kivalina School. (more)

Begich renews contract

Government Relations Director Tom Begich renewed his contract with CEAAC for another year, an action approved by our executive board in late June. (more)

Membership renewal and the year ahead

Members should have received invoices for CEAAC membership for the 15-16 school year. (more)

Formula rewrite update

For those who may have missed it due to summer leave, here is the update we sent last month on the formula rewrite, which will determine the support for rural schools for many years to come. (more)


Legislative session: victories amid the ashes

Government Affairs Director Tom Begich’s report on the legislative session can be read here. The session truly marked a low in Alaska history, especially for education advocates. (more)

Ketchikan litigation amicus brief

CEAAC’s attorney, Howard Trickey, reports that the Alaska Supreme Court has accepted our amicus brief and the attachments that we had hoped to include in opposition to the Ketchikan Borough’s suit. (more)

Board changes

Our Executive Board’s meeting on June 17 was the last for member-at-large Mike Abbott, who has represented the Anchorage School District. (more)

Ed Connector and ALASBO

Ed Connector Director Lora Jorgensen reports an exciting new partnership with ALASBO, the Alaska Association of School Business Officials. (more)

Summertime… and dues invoices

We will be in touch with another update in August. In the meantime, members will receive dues invoices for the FY 16 school year. (more)

Legislative limbo

Like everyone, CEAAC has been waiting to see what the legislature will do as the stand-off continues over the votes needed to access the Constitutional Budget Reserve. (more)

Moore committee holds final meeting

The Moore Collaborative Committee held what is expected to be its final meeting on April 28 at UAA’s College of Education. (more)

Scholarship winner details

Here is a brief profile of our two new recipients of the Spike Jorgensen Scholarship, a future doctor and future business person from Bethel and Aniak.

Juneau update

Everyone is focused on Juneau, and that is where CEAAC has been fighting hard for funding for our member districts. (more)

CEAAC to become Coalition for Education Equity

Our board met March 26 in Anchorage and adopted a restructuring plan and a new name, Coalition for Education Equity. (more)

New officers elected

President Brad Allen is stepping down as superintendent of the Kuspuk School District, and has resigned his leadership of CEAAC as of June 30. (more)

Scholarship winners announced

The 2015 winners of the Spike Jorgensen Scholarship are Keri Albrite, from the Nenana City Public School, who hopes to become a physician, and Kattie Hoeldt, from the Kuspuk School District, who plans to study business administration. (more)

New phase for EQQ

The Education Quality and Quantity team, Jerry Covey and Dr. Barbara Adams, finished a year of work with an invited  presentation to the UA Board of Regents, at its meeting in Bethel, April 8, which Executive Director Charles Wohlforth also attended. (more)

Board meeting March 26 in Anchorage for name change, restructuring

CEAAC will meet Thursday, March 26, at 5pm, in the Adventure Room at the Hotel Captain Cook, directly after the district reception for the ATP Job Fair. (more)

CEAAC working hard in a difficult Juneau session

The legislative session has been very difficult, with committees making drastic cuts to education, especially the early childhood programs CEAAC has prioritized. (more)

Ed Connector growing, gains endorsement

As Ed Connector wraps up its first month of operation, twelve school districts have begun using their accounts to access and share resources with one another. (more)

EQQ report to superintendents, state board, legislature and regents

The written report of the Educator Quality and Quantity project was published February 27. (more)

Final Moore Collaborative Committee meeting planned

The committee that allocates funding from the Moore settlement will meet in Anchorage on April 28. (more)

UA adopts EQQ teacher training recommendations

CEAAC’s Educator Quality and Quantity Project marked a major success milestone when the University of Alaska announced a plan that incorporates many of our key goals and strategies. (more)

CEAAC allies with State of Alaska in Ketchikan litigation

After meetings with Attorney Howard Trickey, CEAAC’s Executive Board voted unanimously to enter into the Ketchikan v. State litigation on school funding on the side of the State of Alaska. (more)

CEAAC to change name, restructure

Our board has decided to change the name of CEAAC and restructure the organization with full-time staff and administrative support. (more)

Walker supports CEAAC legislative priorities

Despite the budget crisis facing Alaska, CEAAC has done well so far in Juneau this year, as Government Relations Director Tom Begich reports: (more)

Pre-K white paper released

CEAAC will fight this year to prevent further erosion of pre-K funding for Alaska schools, and will continue to push for increases, despite budget shortfalls. (more)

Ed Connector goes live, builds membership

Our program to provide additional administrative capacity to districts is open for business and signing up users. (more)

Scholarship recipient tragedy

With great sadness we received the news that one of our scholarship recipients had taken his own life. (more)

Moore grant process ends

The Moore Settlement grant process will not accept further applications. The Moore Collaborative Committee voted to use remaining funds in the settlement to support pre-K programs in low-performing schools. (more)

Strategic planning January 23 in Anchorage

As CEAAC successfully completes the three-year plan we adopted in 2012, we have retained a team to lead production of a new plan for the years ahead. (more)

Hanley reappointment

Congratulations to Commissioner Mike Hanley for his reappointment, which was made formal on December 30. (more)

Capital budget and Kasayulie settlement

After the drop in oil prices, Governor Walker removed all projects from the capital budget that don’t have federal matching funds, except one: our Kivalina school project, which was included in the Kasayulie settlement. (more)

Ketchikan litigation

School leaders across Alaska were shocked by the decision of a Ketchikan judge in support of a suit by the Ketchikan borough challenging the local contribution to schools under the state’s funding formula. (more)

Ed Connector

The Ed Connector website went live December 9, a major milestone for a project that began as a board idea three years ago. (more)

Norm Eck, Courtney Breest and Felix Rivera working for CEAAC

CEAAC has added additional contract help to build the organization and be more effective in our programs. (more)

Executive Board initiates strategic plan project

CEAAC will work on a new three-year plan at a general meeting tentatively planned for January 23, 2015, in Anchorage. (more)

Executive Board honors Beckford, selects investment plan

At its November 6 meeting, the board awarded individual voting CEAAC membership to Joe Beckford and waived the membership fee for the current year. (more)

EQQ project aims for stakeholder meeting

The Educator Quantity and Quality project, led by Jerry Covey and Dr. Barbara Adams, has completed its ‘data scrubbing’ phase and is now focused on final research and report writing, leading up to a major meeting in Anchorage in January. (more)

New CEAAC leadership elected

The CEAAC fall meeting in Fairbanks October 1 was our busiest ever, including electing new officers to our Executive Committee. (more)

CEAAC projects receive grant funding

CEAAC’s recent success in receiving grants has allowed us to fund our work with only half of our revenue coming from member dues. (more)

Lora and BP
Lora and GCI

Educator Quality and Quantity Project milestone

Jerry Covey and Dr. Barbara Adams presented their six-month research project on improving the quality and quantity of Alaska teachers, specialists and principals, speaking over dinner to an open session of three dozen superintendents and other education stakeholders in Fairbanks on October 1. (more)

Ed Connector roll-out plan

Ed Connector Director Lora Jorgensen spent time talking with superintendents across the state over the past two weeks and, after getting their feedback, CEAAC has decided to modify its roll out plan for Ed Connector. (more)

New member joins; and time to renew

Welcome to CEAAC’s newest member, Denali Borough School District. (more)

Fall meeting in Fairbanks October 1

Our fall board meeting will take place Wednesday, October 1, at the Westmark Fairbanks. (more)

CEAAC’s first full-time staff person on board

Lora Jorgensen, Ed Connector Director

Lora Jorgensen is on staff as the director of the Ed Connector, CEAAC’s program to help district administrators with access to resources and collaboration among districts. (more)

Legislative program development

CEAAC is now in the process of establishing its Legislative priorities for the coming year. (more)

Moore agreement signed for Ed Connector

An amendment to the Moore settlement agreement will allocate $450,000 to CEAAC for the Ed Connector project. (more)

Covey and Adams studying teacher quantity and quality

Jerry Covey and Dr. Barbara Adams are working hard over the summer on a study to find root causes for Alaska’s failure to turn more of our own students into teachers. (more)

Membership, fall meeting, elections

CEEAC’s fall board meeting will be held in Fairbanks on October 1, time to be announced. (more)

Contract renewals and new team members

The CEAAC Executive Board met on June 11, renewing contracts for the executive director, Charles Wohlforth, and government relations director, Tom Begich. (more)

Ed Connector developing web portal

The Ed Connector is our service to add capacity to districts’ administrators by connecting them to resources and other districts. (more)

Moore program changes

The Moore Collaborative Committee met on May 19 and adopted new policies and discussed allocation of future grant funds. (more)

CEAAC thanks Norm Eck for his leadership

Norm Eck Honored
Pictured from left: Charles Wohlforth, Joe Beckford, Todd Poage, Mike Abbott,
Kerry Boyd, and Norm Eck. (more)

Board meeting, financial report, budget and milestones

The CEAAC board approved an annual budget, heard a financial report, received a two-year audit, and reviewed milestones on our legislative program and three-year plan at the April 10 meeting in Anchorage. (more)

Ed Connector to be funded through Moore Settlement

The CEEAC board voted April 10 to support changing the Moore settlement to direct $450,000 to our Ed Connector project, spreading the funds over six years. (more)

Covey completes RLC Project, begins TQQ Project

The Regional Learning Center Project led for CEAAC and Cook Inlet Tribal Council by Jerry Covey has been completed with all goals attained: legislation allowing districts to create regional, variable-length programs; an increase in funding to cover all boarding and travel costs; and legislation requiring an annual application period for new programs. (more)

CEAAC 2014 legislative report released

Read Government Relations Director Tom Begich's full report here

Scholarship Winners Announced

The judges of the Spike Jorgensen Scholarship today announced the two winners for 2014. They were Kvichak Aspelund of Naknek and Paige McConnell of Kotzebue. (more)

Spring board meeting Thursday in Anchorage

All CEAAC members are invited to participate in our spring meeting, Thursday, April 10, at 3:30pm, in Sheraton Anchorage Board Room 308. (more)

Legislative action and emergency meeting

CEAAC called an emergency meeting April 3 to address the House education bill, HB 278 CS, which made several questionable changes, including altering the school funding formula to give a large new advantage to Anchorage. (more)

Moore Committee Grants approved

The Moore Collaborative Committee approved nearly all grant requests at its meeting at the UAA College of Education on March 31, 2014. (more)

HSGQE Remediation Program to close out

One of the four programs created by the Moore settlement was the High School Graduation Qualifying Exam Remediation Reimbursement Program. (more)

Reallocation of Moore settlement dollars

After more than two years, most of the Moore settlement has been committed to grants for rural schools (although most grant activities are only just getting started). (more)

Ed Connector (formerly ERSI)

Our steering committee and contractor continued work on this program to support small district administrators with resources, capacity, and collaborative relationships. (more)

Scholarship applications

We received 26 valid applications for the Spike Jorgensen Scholarship by the deadline this year. (more)

Proposed change to the Moore Settlement

The Executive Committee on February 26 and voted to move forward with the first step of a plan to amend the Moore Settlement agreement to reallocate some of the funds. (more)

Juneau activity

CEAAC has taken a very active role in Juneau this year. As previously noted, our legislation to increase the stipend for our RLC project was included in Governor Parnell’s education bill. (more)

Moore applications and program changes

By the February 7 deadline the Moore Collaborative Committee received 7 applications for Targeted Resources, 36 applications for Teacher Retention, and 9 for two-year-kindergarten. (more)

Spring board meeting April 10 in Anchorage

The CEAAC Board of Directors will meet in Anchorage Thursday, April 10, at 3:30, the day before Alaska Teacher Placement’s spring Job Fair. (more)

Moore grant deadline Friday and a new chairperson

February 7, 2014: Moore grant applications due February 7, 2014 for Targeted Resources, Teacher Retention, Teacher Retention continuation, and Early Learning. (more)

Scholarship deadline and a new CEAAC aide

Deadline is March 3, 2014 for the Spike Jorgensen Scholarship. (more)

Responding to the Governor’s bill

CEAAC is taking a leadership role in working with interested groups and Commissioner Hanley in finding a positive outcome to the “Education Session” of the Alaska legislature. (more)

Progress on our project to help district administrators

CEAAC’s project to create a new institution to link and support Alaska school districts and build administrative capacity—which we have called the ERSI project—took a major step forward with the completion of our Phase 1 report studying the problems of small district administrators and the best ways to help. (more)

Partnership releases survey report

A Northern Economics survey of all Alaska teachers and 750 parents released in January contains a wealth of information about school challenges and how they are perceived from each side of the schoolhouse door. (more)

Important deadlines:

February 7, 2014: Moore grant applications due February 7, 2014 for Targeted Resources, Teacher Retention, Teacher Retention continuation, and Early Learning.

March 3, 2014: Spike Jorgensen Scholarship. (more)

CEAAC accomplishments during 2013


Scholarship awareness—new URL

After receiving many late applications for our scholarship last year, we are making a push to publicize the scholarship this year. (more)

Survey results

Thank you to superintendents. The response to our ERSI survey was terrific, seeking information for setting up a resource portal to assist your districts. (more)

Project plan, steering committee

In March, 2013, CEAAC contracted with Sarah Sledge for a Phase 1 ERSI report to investigate existing resources and district needs and recommend a course of action. (more)

Amended legislative program

To the board from our Government Relations Director, Tom Begich:

Transition of ERSI project

Our project to bring additional capacity to rural school administrations, led by Sarah Sledge, will transition to a new phase with a new leader, Lora Jorgensen (no relation to Spike). (more)

Legislative program

Government Relations director Tom Begich has completed the legislative program, which we are posting on the CEAAC website today. (more)

Work on basic funding

As a leader in a large coalition of groups advocating for basic school support, called the Partnership for Public Education, CEAAC has taken the role of pushing for a specific ask to increase the Base Student Allocation and the state’s funding of pre-K programs. (more)

Annual meeting accomplishments

Here are highlights from CEAAC’s fall board meeting, which was our best attended in my memory: (more)

New partnerships and outreach

In addition to adding members to CEAAC, we have taken a leading role in convening all Alaska education groups and attracting business and community groups to support basic education funding and resist attacks on education in the legislature. (more)

Working with AASB and AASA

We reached out to the Association of Alaska School Boards (AASB) and the Alaska Association of School Administrators (AASA) to create more effective working relationships. (more)

ERSI Project moves to next stage

In the spring the board initiated a study to look at how to build capacity for school improvement in district administration offices. (more)

Stipend increase presented to governor’s staff

After the success of the Residential Learning Center project spearheaded by CEAAC consultant Jerry Cover in the 2013 legislature, Jerry is continuing to work on important implementation steps. (more)

NEA-Alaska joins CEAAC

Our director, Charles Wohlforth, recently met with NEA-Alaska President Ron Fuhrer and ED Lydia Garcia on the many common goals and interests of our organizations, and their organization has decided to join CEAAC as a dues-paying member. (more)

Elections, updates, and strategy at fall meeting

CEAAC’s fall board meeting is Wednesday, September 25, at 4:30 pm in the Voyager Room at the Hotel Captain Cook. (more)

CEAAC causes bulge in school construction funding

The Anchorage Daily News ran an article recently, reprinted from the Alaska Journal of Commerce, noting that state school construction funding had risen 18% this year despite a 20% decrease in the overall state capital budget. (more)

CEAAC annual membership meeting

CEAAC will hold its annual membership meeting on Wednesday, September 25, at 4:30 pm in the Voyager Room at the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage. (more)

New academic year

CEAAC closed out the year with a small budget surplus and a long list of successful initiatives over the last 12 months. (more)

Membership renewals

Invoices have gone out for membership dues. (more)

Teacher training

The third of the three major initiatives in our three-year plan is to improve the number and quality of teachers trained in Alaska. (more)

Finishing up the year

Districts are in their summer schedules of maintenance, vacations and planning, with some transitions of superintendents to new jobs. (more)

Membership dues amounts and invoices

We will be sending out invoices for next year’s membership dues shortly. (more)

Moore Grant results, budget, timeline

The dust has settled from this year’s Moore Settlement grant process. I will never forget the challenge of setting up this program and getting the money out to districts. (more)

New list of 40 schools

The list of 40 schools addressed by the Moore Settlement has changed. The settlement focuses on the 40 schools with the lowest performance, as measured by the EED’s modified index score. (more)

RLC continuation and access for districts

The Residential Learning Center project, pursued on our behalf by Jerry Covey, moves into a new phase thanks to our success in the legislature, covered in last month’s reports, which are on the website. (more)

Legislative success

As noted by our leader for the Regional Learning Center project, Jerry Covey, we went in a single year from an idea to legislation enacted into law. (more)

Moore grants approved, denied

The Moore Collaborative Committee met Thursday, April 11, to review grant applications for Targeted Resources and Teacher Retention grants. (more)

2013 Spike Jorgensen Scholarship winners announced

From the judges:

The winners of the 2013 scholarship are:

1) Christine Rene from St. Mary's School District
2) Jacinta Matthias from Kotlik - Lower Yukon School District

Board meeting April 11

All school district members of CEAAC have a voting seat on our board of directors. (more)

Legislative action

Tom Begich, Jerry Covey, and a number of our members have been working hard in Juneau on our most ambitious package of legislation in years. (more)

Important upcoming dates

April 5: Announcement of the winners of the Spike Jorgensen Scholarships.

April 11, noon: Moore Collaborative Committee meets (more)

April 11, 3:30pm: CEAAC Board Meeting, Hotel Captain Cook, Adventure Room.

May 1: Applications due to DEED for HSGQE Remediation Reimbursement. (more)

Time and room set for upcoming board meeting

The next CEAAC Board meeting is in the Adventure Room at the Hotel Captain Cook, April 11, 3:30 - 5pm. (more)

Big round of Moore grant applications

The deadline Monday for three of the four Moore grant programs brought in a flood of applications. (more)

Project approved for Education Research and Support Institute

The CEAAC Executive Board today approved a proposal from Sarah Sledge for phase 1 of a project to study the need for a research and support organization. (more)

Legislative Update

Tom Begich and Jerry Covey have made significant progress with our initiatives for the RLC project and fixing the REAA school construction fund mechanism. (more)

Upcoming board meeting

Our spring board meeting will again coincide with the Alaska Teacher Placement job fair in Anchorage, April 12-13 at the Captain Cook. (more)

Many deadlines

The following deadlines are critical for CEAAC members. Most of these will be annual deadlines, and the committee has not approved any late applications so far. (more)

School construction legislation

Political Director Tom Begich is working hard on our priorities, which are outlined here. (more)

RLC project

The benefit of coordination also can back up our work with Jerry Covey’s RLC project. (more)


Finally, I know many superintendents are looking anxiously at the legislature’s intent on the BSA. (more)

Teacher housing update

CEAAC successfully sponsored a pre-screened proposal to the Moore Committee to use settlement money for teacher housing for schools with high turn-over and low achievement. (more)

Prepare for Moore Pre-K and other funds

It is time for districts to apply for the pre-k funding we fought for through the Moore litigation. (more)

Teacher housing

We have brought on consultants to help districts manage the process for building teacher housing with minimal cost or administrative overhead. (more)

RLC project

CEAAC is advancing legislation in the 2013 session and regulations with DEED to implement the Residential Learning Center project Jerry Covey has pursued on our behalf for the last six months. (more)

Our meeting schedule

We have decided to minimize CEAAC board meetings but increase personal contact with superintendents. (more)

Spike Jorgensen Scholarship

Don’t forget to tell your students about our Spike Jorgensen Scholarship! Deadline March 1! (more)

Additional Moore grants approved

Three CEAAC districts won approval of Teacher Retention grants from the Moore Collaborative Committee December 7. (more)

Scholarship update and other new web material

We are in the process of updating material all over the CEAAC website. (more)

Additional round for vendor pre-screened proposals

CEAAC and the State of Alaska December 6 issued a Request for Information to vendors and agencies interested in providing services for districts with Moore settlement funds. (more)

Meeting with Governor Parnell

Three representatives of CEAAC met with Governor Parnell and his top education and budget people on November 13 to discuss funding of school construction and our legislation to resolve problems with how Kasayulie settlement funding relates to funding through the so-called REAA construction funding mechanism. (more)

RRLC Project advances and setbacks

Jerry Covey presented our project for Rural Residential Learning Centers to the State Board of Education on December 6. (more)

Committee approves $2.3 million in grants, postpones others

Four districts were unanimously approved for Targeted Assistance Grants by the Moore Collaborative Committee on Monday, November 1, totaling about $2.3 million over the next three years (more)

Help for districts to access money

CEAAC has retained an experienced retired superintendent and grants expert, Lee Clune (also one of CEAAC’s original founders) to help member districts obtain money from the Moore Settlement. (more)

Trickey and legal team honored

Members of CEAAC's Executive Board present Howard Trickey with the resolution creating the $300,000 Howard S. Trickey Constitutional Defense Fund. From left: Member-at-Large Mike Abbott, Member-at-Large Todd Poage, Vice-President Kerry Boyd, Trickey, and President Norm Eck. (more)

AFN endorses CEAAC’s RRLC project

The project led by Jerry Covey promoting Regional Residential Learning Centers has moved into high gear, with a major endorsement from the membership of the Alaska Federation of Natives. (more)

Deadline extended for HSGQE remediation

Districts now have until May 1 to apply for funds for remediation expenses for students who failed the HSGQE, and reimbursement will cover eligible expenses from January 19, 2012, onward. (more)

Executive committee actions

The Executive Committee met October 26 to give direction on investing CEAAC funds and to extend the Executive Director’s contract (more)

Grant funds under-used

The October 1 deadline for round two of the Moore Settlement grant programs passed with a shortage of requests from districts for the money. (more)

Trickey to be honored

At our fall meeting, the CEAAC board voted to honor Attorney Howard Trickey by naming our $300,000 legal fund “The Howard S. Trickey Esq. Constitutional Defense Fund.” (more)

Covey RRLC project update

At our fall board meeting in Valdez, Jerry Covey gave a full report on the Regional Residential Learning Center project he has been pursuing over the summer on CEAAC’s behalf. (more)

Fall meeting notes

Our fall meeting in Valdez on September 26 was busy and well attended. (more)

Fall meeting scheduled

CEAAC will hold a general membership meeting on Wednesday, September 26, at 7:30, in Valdez. (more)

Moore grant process and pre-screened proposals

Notice went out to districts last week for the current round of grants for Moore Settlement Funds. (more)

Regional Residential Learning Centers

Jerry Covey is continuing to work on the RRLC concept for us. In the last month he made a trip to Tok to meet community members and educators in the Alaska Gateway School District. (more)

First Moore grant approved

The Northwest Arctic Borough School District received funding as the only applicant in the first round of Targeted Resources Grants available through the Moore v State settlement. (more)

Membership dues

Notices of dues went out mid-month, and a number of districts have already paid their dues to CEAAC. Our largest member, Anchorage School District, was the first to pay. (more)

Scholarships awarded

The Spike Jorgensen Scholarships have been awarded and paid to university registrars for three students. We received 18 applications for the two new and one renewing scholarship. (more)

Help needed to study regional centers

Our project, led by Jerry Covey, to study creation of Regional Residential Learning Centers, is moving forward toward completion of a report in the fall that will help us advocate for additional state funding to give village students an opportunity to study at comprehensive high schools and vocational facilities in hub communities. (more)

First round of Moore grant applications

Considerable behind-the-scenes work by CEAAC, DEED and the Moore Collaborative Committee got the Moore settlement programs off the ground during June. (more)

HSGQE reimbursement instructions

Instructions and a simple, one-page form, created with CEAAC input, were released by DEED for the HSGQE remediation reimbursement program under the Moore settlement. (more)

Call for vendors for pre-screened grants

With CEAAC’s support, DEED will issue a call for vendors and agencies hoping to provide products or services to districts through pre-screened Moore settlement grants. (more)

Spike Jorgensen Scholarship

We received an impressive volume of applications for the two Spike Jorgensen Scholarships by the June 15 deadline. (more)

Membership renewal

With the conclusion of the fiscal year comes the time for renewal of your CEAAC membership. (more)

Moore Collaborative Committee releases dates, amounts

The committee called for in the Moore Settlement has formed and held its initial three meetings, including an all-day worksession in Anchorage on May 29 that established important parameters on the settlement’s programs to serve struggling schools. (more)

Additional support for Regional Residential Learning Center project

Our project has received more funding to study, design and advocate for regional residential learning centers: (more)

State pays CEAAC $500,000

Through our law firm, JDO, CEAAC has received legal fees payment from the State of Alaska for $500,000, covering litigation that occurred many years ago in the Kasayulie case. (more)

Legislative success reported

Political Director Tom Begich’s full report on the legislative session is attached. (more)

Moore program implementation going forward

A joint letter from our executive director and Commissioner Mike Hanley will be going out to districts soon laying out the process for convening the Moore Collaborative Committee and for creating the first round of programs for schools. (more)

CEAAC adopts three-year plan

Our spring CEAAC board meeting, April 12, saw adoption of a Three-Year Plan covering our priorities for how we hope to transform education in Alaska. (more)

Partnership supporting Regional Residential Learning Center project

Our first new priority under the Three-Year Plan is to study, design and advocate for regional residential learning centers. (more)

Budget adopted, windfall allocated

The board adopted a budget for the 2012-13 fiscal year. (more)

Spike Jorgensen Scholarship

The scholarship was created in 2011 to honor the contributions of former CEAAC executive director Spike Jorgensen, and now the board has expanded it to serve more students and to serve them longer. (more)

BREAKING NEWS – Governor signs appropriations for settlements

Yesterday Governor Parnell signed the supplemental appropriation bill that allocates $18 million to the Moore settlement programs and $500,000 to CEAAC to compensate us for our legal expenses in the Kasayulie settlement. (more)

CEAAC spring meeting notice/strategic planning

We are meeting Thursday, April 12, at the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage. (more)

Legislative successes

Political Director Tom Begich reports success so far in reversing proposed cuts to programs critical to CEAAC. (more)

Kasayulie update

We are continuing to work on the issue I highlighted in last month’s update regarding the funding source for the school construction promised in the Kasayulie settlement agreement. (more)

Intervention legislation

Bills in the House and Senate to change the state’s policy for intervening in low-performing school districts are lodged in the Finance Committee of each body and are not expected to move. We will update members if the committees move those bills.

Meeting notice

CEAAC will meet before the Statewide Job Fair in Anchorage, on Thursday, April 12, from 3 to 5 p.m. Room to be announced. The Job Fair is April 13-14. This is a critical meeting for us. More details below.

Moore settlement fall-out

The Moore settlement has received a generally positive reaction from legislators with no controversy about funding so far in the legislature. (more)

Kasayulie settlement issues

Staff to Senator Lyman Hoffman found an item in the detail of the capital budget (unavailable in the public version) that diminishes the value of the Kasayulie settlement to our districts. (more)

Strategic planning/Spring meeting

The reaction of superintendents to our small-group teleconferences for CEAAC’s strategic planning has been excellent. (more)

Intervention legislation

With all else that has been happening, CEAAC hasn’t taken a lead role in other legislation in Juneau, but we have worked at the request of the two Education Committee chairs in the House and Senate with their staffs on their proposed legislation to change how the state intervenes in districts. (more)

Moore Settlement Signed

CEEAC's Board of Directors unanimously approved a settlement of the Moore v State litigation on Wednesday, January 25, and signing was completed in Juneau on the next day at a media event in the Attorney General's office, with Commissioner of Education Mike Hanley. Response from lawmakers and the media have been enthusiastically positive. (more)


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