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Archive on the Moore Pre-screened Proposal process

This page contains information used during the process to pre-screen proposals for use by districts applying for funds under the Moore Settlement.


Round 2:
Pre-screening results: cover memo dated January 22, 2013
Combined Pre Screened Grant Scores 2013 (pdf) (Excel)

Information for vendors submitting proposals for pre-screening

On December 6, 2012, the Moore Collaborative Committee issued a Request for Information to vendors and agencies interested in providing services to schools applying for grants under the Moore settlement. Proposals are due January 7. Those proposals that are approved through the pre-screening program will be available for use by districts in the round of grant applications due in March. Vendors and agencies whose proposals were already approved in the first round of pre-screening do not need to resubmit. Proposals that were already approved will remain eligible for use by districts in the upcoming round of grant applications.

Information here is provided to assist those submitting ideas to this process. Rubrics and scoring guides are provided to assist proposers in tailoring their ideas to the committee’s needs; these documents are subject to change without notice.

Official RFI - State of Alaska website
RFI for Pre-screened Proposals (instructions)
Research Framework (form) for Targeted Resources Pre-screened Proposals (Word)

Rubric for Moore Pre-Screened Proposals Targeted Resources (pdf)
Rubric Scoring Guide Criteria Moore Pre-Screened Proposals Targeted Resources (pdf)

Research Framework (form) for Teacher Retention Pre-Screened Proposals (Word)

Rubric for Moore Pre-Screen Proposals Teacher Retention (pdf)

Round 1:
Full Pre-screen Report (with backup material)
Text of all 34 submitted proposals including supporting documents


updated 1/29/13